Sell Swisa Products

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Swisa Beauty a market leader of Dead Sea cosmetics products, Offers one of the most attractive wholesale programs in the industries. The program provides exceptional revenue opportunity for small businesses as well as for the big retail stores to partner with one of the top Dead Sea cosmetics manufacturer in the world.

The objective of the program is to create a mutually beneficial opportunity for Swisa Beauty and its selected partners. By joining the program, retailers may be eligible for special wholesale prices as well as for single item discounts, Employee training, Marketing & Advertising support.

***NOTE - The Selling of Swisa Products Online requires Official Written Approval from RL. The Selling of Swisa Products without such Apporoval is Illegal per Your Reseller Contract and can result in lose of all reselling rights and possible legal action. Please contact a Swisa Reseller Support Respresentative for more information.